Local Time: Bauan Batangas, Philippines

Marvill Resort in Batangas Philippines | Summer Getaway Resort in BatangasMarvill resort is the pride and joy established by Atty. Marlito and Marisa Villanueva, as a private getaway for their family and friends. In 2005, the Villanueva family shares the wonders of their forest and dive getaway for an exclusive bookings.

Marvill Forest Getaway

Situated at Inicbulan Bauan Batangas, found at the ilaya part of Brgy. Inicbulan. Upon entering the short mangrove, you will be enchanted to find a villa surrounded by small mangroves and in its center is a kidney shaped pool surrounded by one large kubo where you can enjoy a relaxing therapeutic massage. Marvill will take you to their forest getaway. Discover a paradise in the middle of the forest trees. The place has been considered to fascinate people with its tranquil and peaceful ambiance that will surely captivate you and your family. The place is equipped with a center pool, billiard table and of course, a relaxing and soothing ambiance. Once you have stepped in the resort, you will have a sense of peace and ones with nature. The Villanueva family has maintained the place to give their friends and relatives a chance to bond with each other. Some family members have even celebrated a garden wedding at the farm. Some of the recreations that were usually done were grilling with your loved ones, building tents for an outdoor experience and for others, just enjoying a day with some drinks with their friends and family.

Marvill Dive Camp

Are you tired of the busy environment in the Metro? It is now time to pamper yourselfand take away all those stress. Take a day off and enjoy an overnight stay at our Family Resort. Marvill has compiled a tour package from a beach and a dive spot at Monte Maria,Batangas. Havea relaxing day, feel the heat and have fun under the sun. We also cater a forest get away in Bauan,Batangas. The Beach features a perfect view of Isla Berde with a crystal clear reef just a foot away from its shore line.

The beach front was always ideal for off shore divers to enjoy a day trip and explore the reef and the sea. The beach front of Marvill Dive Camp has been considered as the Center of the Marine Biodiversity which showcases all sorts of beaches, coral reefs, and exquisite dive sites. The beauty of the sea is literally a walk away from the Marvill Dive Camp

Be mesmerized with the beauty of Marvill Resort. “Be happy because with us, nature is with you.”